Strengthening corporate relationships and building revenue through the delivery of robust liquidity management offerings.


How Banks Can Build Their Corporate Business: Best Practices For Offering Liquidity Management Solutions, Mar. 2014

Strengthening corporate relationships and building revenue through the delivery of robust liquidity management offerings.

Reducing the Risk and Cost of Payments Compliance for Banks, Mar. 2014

How to minimize the risk of false negatives, and avoid false positives, through robust compliance filtering solutions.

Payments Transformation, The Global Payments Journey, Dec. 2013

Implementing a global payments system is a high risk undertaking, but it is necessary in today’s competitive banking environment. Fundtech and IBM examine proven practices you can adopt to deliver a successful and cost-effective global payments solution.

The Multi-Channel Treasury, Oct. 2012

A survey of 200 treasury professionals around the world finds evidence that corporates are placing a greater value than ever before on consistent multi-channel access to their bank's information and services.

Bringing Greater Profitability to ACH Processing, Nov. 2011

ACH processing may be a standard product in banking, but high profits in this business are not a given. But ten specific system features will lead to more revenues in your ACH business.

E-Invoice Provides New Avenues for Credit, Sept. 2011

Trade finance is one of the most stable forms of lending and can become an important profit generator for banks. Electronic Invoice Presentment can help banks promote and expand this business.

Meeting the Challenges of Intraday Liquidity Risk, Jun. 2011

Demand for crossborder intraday liquidity is expected to accelerate as banks and their corporate customers continue to expand their operations into foreign markets, boosting volumes of cross-border transactions.

The Competitive Advantage In Cash Management User Experience, Jun. 2011

Historically, financial institutions paid little attention to the user experience on the corporate side business, but it is increasingly becoming a competitive factor in the market.

Being SEPA Ready, Nov. 2010

With SEPA end-dates now confirmed and mandatory, banks and their corporate customers need to take a hard look at what will be expected of them as the dates approach.

Innovation Driven Payment Business Models, Sept. 2010

For payment transaction services, the need to develop new business models is particularly critical to navigate the banking shoals over the next several years.

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