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Accountis EIPP

Facilitates end-to-end processing of invoices and provides fully integrated Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) functionality

The internet has evolved from a mere information dissemination tool into a robust transaction vehicle. Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) enables businesses worldwide to exchange documents such as invoices, purchase orders and credit notes electronically rather than on paper. Users have one view of all payable and receivable transactions online and can quickly view, query, approve, manage and pay for those transactions at the click of a mouse.

Accountis EIPP facilitates the expedient adoption of e-invoicing for banks, their customers and supply chain networks worldwide. Accountis EIPP works seamlessly alongside existing systems to enable organisations to automate the end-to-end invoicing processes from purchase requisition right through to payment. Banks and other financial institutions that incorporate Accountis EIPP gain greater visibility into customer finances, deepen business relationships, better manage risk and find it easier to sell additional, high-value payment related services. Corporations that use the solution can replace costly paper-based processes with faster, more efficient and environmentally responsible technology, lower operating costs and achieve quicker settlement and faster payments.

Business Benefits

Improves Efficiency, Saves Time and Lowers Operating Costs. The solution replaces costly paper-based processes with faster, more efficient technology. The electronic exchange of information allows users to quickly view, query, approve manage and pay for transactions, ultimately helping firms to achieve quicker settlement and faster payments, and freeing up scarce human resources to focus on other tasks.

Improves Risk Management Increased visibility into cash flow and real-time liquidity management helps to ensure that a firm’s risk is monitored, measured and controlled. The number of days for which sales are outstanding will also be reduced, facilitating better cash flow management.

Facilitates Business Growth Corporations will realize better working capital optimization, freeing up much-needed capital to help grow the business. Banks will have a better understanding of their customer’s business and, through a deeper understanding of their customers, be able to deliver better customer service and provide necessary value-add services.

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