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NetDeposit Suite

Remote deposit capture with advanced risk mitigation and quality controls for financial institutions

Just as important as the ability to truncate a check is the ability to ensure quality check capture, monitor deposit processing, prevent check fraud, mitigate risk in the deposit stream and meet FFIEC guidelines and regulatory requirements. These controls are increasingly important against a backdrop of rapid upward trends in mobile capture usage and increased demand for consumer RDC solutions.

Using the NetDeposit Suite central processing platform, financial institutions are able to select the check capture modules that best match their clients’ needs from a range of capture clients encompassing commercial, consumer and mobile deposits. Financial institutions can configure risk mitigation and fraud prevention features to tailor the solution to their specific requirements.

Fundtech's deployment options for the NetDeposit Suite are flexible; the solution may be implemented in-house or accessed via service bureau, with optionally outsourced services.

Business Benefits

Provides All-in-One Deposit Solution. The NetDeposit Suite is a secure, scalable, and manageable remote deposit capture solution that includes the risk management, user and system management, deposit review and reporting tools needed to manage all aspects of deployment, centrally. The suite also offers a range of capture clients to align with specific RDC strategies.

Offers Optional Accounts Receivable Integration. Capture solutions for receivables include the provision of a client to support check and coupon capture, with .CSV output or integrated plugins with QuickBooks and NetSuite.

Incorporates Customizable Risk Mitigation and Control. Configurable risk rules mean that risk profiles can easily be assigned to groups, organizations or even individual users. Systematic quality tests and usability scores to specified thresholds ensure that deposited items meet and exceed the requirements of the financial institution. The system may be managed from a single, centralized platform that includes the risk mitigation tools and comprehensive reporting needed to ensure FFIEC and regulatory compliance. Fundtech monitors systems and requirements on an ongoing basis to ensure its solutions and customers are equipped to adapt readily to industry changes.

Enables Financial Institutions to Grow Deposits and Attract New Customers. The continued demand for deposit solutions increases opportunities to realize higher levels of fee income. NetDeposit Mobile can be integrated with an existing mobile app while NetDeposit Mobile Express may be customized for a targeted customer segment. Fundtech’s NetDeposit mobile solutions ensure that all financial institutions can offer mobile RDC to attract new customer segments or enhance services for their existing customer base.

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