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Financial Messaging

Banks, other financial institutions and corporates need to exchange payment and security information in a safe, secure way.

Fundtech’s financial messaging solutions provide a range of products and services, including connectivity to SWIFT and other interbank services (e.g. SIC, euroSIC, SECOM, SEPA, CLS, CREST, FED and Chips), as well as solutions for sanction list filtering, message transformation, reconciliation and broker connectivity. With almost 30 years of experience in financial messaging and as the largest SWIFT service bureau operator in the world, Fundtech is well-placed to provide high quality services to financial institutions, corporations and banks, helping them to improve operational efficiency, meet regulatory requirements, save cost and reduce project risk.

Fundtech’s financial messaging solutions provide real-time information on the status of a single payment, or on a consolidated basis. Financial institutions dealing with thousands or even millions of transactions an hour need automated processes that will minimize manual work and eliminate potential transmission errors. Recent benchmarking tests show Fundtech’s financial messaging solutions can handle up to seven million transactions per hour, all with the same high level of reliability and security.

Fundtech’s solutions - Global Messaging Plus, Global Compliance Plus and Turboswift, among others - are available via in-house license, for those institutions preferring to operate the software solutions themselves, or on a ‘software-as-a-service’ (SaaS) basis through service bureaus in Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.

Two of Fundtech’s service bureaus have received the prestigious SWIFT “Standard Operational Level” label, which recognizes service bureaus that have been granted the distinction of ‘best-in-class’ shared connectivity partners. Today, only a handful of other bureaus have received the distinction.

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