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Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

More than a decade has passed since the US enactment of Check 21 legislation during which time the adoption of remote deposit capture (RDC) technologies by financial institutions has largely replaced the manual handling and movement of paper checks on a global scale. This has resulted in significant cost-savingsand an equally significant reduction in risk for financial institutions.

As an early provider of remote deposit capture solutions, Fundtech holds extensive experience not only with check truncation software and services, but also with the business decisions and best practices to support them, including compliance with FFIEC and other regulatory guidelines.

Find out more about Fundtech's remote deposit solutions for the following:

NetDeposit Mobile RDC

Integrated and standalone mobile remote deposit capture solutions for financial institutions

TotalTransact Suite

A secure, web-based payment gateway for financial institutions to enable business payments processing and for businesses of all sizes to accept and manage payments.

NetDeposit Suite

Remote deposit capture with advanced risk mitigation and quality controls for financial institutions

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