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Global Liquidity and Risk Management

Demand for intraday liquidity has accelerated as banks and their corporate customers continue to expand their operations into foreign markets, boosting the volumes of cross-border and domestic transactions. These developments, coupled with a heightened focus on risk management following the financial crisis, have led regulators to impose intraday liquidity monitoring and measurement standards across the industry. Banks that move quickly and improve their systems and operational capabilities to meet the demands of this new regulation will not only ensure compliance but will also benefit from the significant competitive advantages that come with improved processes and systems.

Part of the Global PAYplus solution, Fundtech’s Global Liquidity and Risk Management module, provides banks with the tools they need to address new liquidity management requirements. The solution consolidates all payments transactions and events in one place, automatically, allowing limit monitoring of inputs and settlements to be performed consistently and in real-time. It also supports advanced forecasting and planning, enabling banks to meet their payment obligations throughout the day as well as at the end-of-day.

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